Falls Prevention

We've recently shown in a clinical trial that using GaitSmart as part of rehabilitation process can significantly reduce frailty in falls patients. Furthermore, the additional quantitative feedback and investment in their treatment was also received very positively, as reported in our study.

Use of GaitSmart can contribute to Falls Prevention. A UK Government Report estimates the annual cost of falls at 4.4 billion pounds. In the US, a Johns Hopkins Report puts the annual cost at 34 billion US dollars. About one third of people over 65 and half of people over 80 will fall over at least once a year.

Using GaitSmart the risk of a subject falling can be quantified based on the subject's gait parameters. The insight gained can then guide interventions such as muscle stengthening exercises using our vGym app or use of an assistance device.

Falls prevention

Ease of use is critical when measuring gait. Many older people are not comfortable walking naturally on a treadmill but the same people are often happy to walk normally on the floor, with lightweight sensors strapped to their hips, thighs and calves.

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