The GaitSmart System

How does it work?

  • Wireless digital sensors track how well a person is walking, from their hips to their heels.
  • The resultant data is automatically analysed against a database of known profiles.
  • The generated report provides subject scores against 17 gait parameters that assess range of motion and left-right symmetry.
  • Good scores are shown in green, marginal scores in amber and poor scores in red.
  • If using the optional “Virtual Gym” module, the report also includes recommended exercises to improve the marginal and poor scores.

User Instructions

Solutions and Applications

Falls Prevention Clinical Trials Rehabilitation

  1. Sensors are slipped into carefully designed pouches integrated into straps that are then placed around the subject’s hips, thighs and calves.
  2. We provide tablet software that guides the user through the calibration process and lets them know when the subject should walk.
  3. The subject walks 10-15 strides and the test is done!
  4. The data is processed and a report identifying problem areas and providing typical gait measurements appears on the tablet.

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