The GaitSmart virtual gym (vGym)

vGym (the virtual gym) is our latest module in the GaitSmart software suite.
This brand-new extension gives you an optimal set of exercises for rehabilitation. By combining the data from GaitSmart and musculoskeletal modelling, we can predict individual patient muscle activation patterns as well as the muscle-activation patterns that happen during typical rehabilitation exercises. We've then developed a proprietary process, incorporating machine learning, to predict which exercises would target and strengthen the identified underactive muscles in a specific patient.

Data-driven personalised healthcare

With vGym you can add a personalised list of exercises to a patient's report that are optimised to improve poor or marginal gait scores. As their gait changes, so will the exercises. This makes vGym an invaluable tool for physiotherapists and clinicians, and also allows subjects to receive the latest leading-edge informed and individualised treatment.

Solutions and Applications

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the vGym report