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Dynamic Metrics - bringing mobility back

Dynamic Metrics (DML) sets the reference standard for assessing physical movement so that gait assessment can join vital signs, blood chemistry, BMI and cholesterol levels as part of the standard health baseline. Having accurate measurement of multiple gait parameters can be invaluable in many clinical settings, including clinical trials (drugs, devices and diagnostics), healthcare (elderly falls, osteoarthritis and back pain) and rehabilitation (post-operative care, sports-injuries). Our portable technology provides diagnostic and intervention support.

Portable gait analysis with GaitSmart

We have developed GaitSmart, a​ multi-sensor, portable gait measurement system that can quickly and accurately measure the full kinematics of walking. The GaitSmart system can easily be used by onboarded healthcare professionals and has already been used in a wide range of clinical and domestic settings, from post-operative clinics to sports-teams. Our results have been validated against the optical gait laboratory and GaitSmart is a CE marked Class 1M medical device.

Data-driven personalised healthcare with vGym

We also offer vGym, a new software module that uses machine learning to suggest personalised rehabilitation exercise based on individual gait measurements to aid in healthcare interventions.