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GaitSmart - portable gait analysis allowing data-driven rehabilitation

Our vision at Dynamic Metrics (DML) is to provide affordable access to gold-standard gait quantification and personalised rehabilitation
- to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to remain mobile and healthy.

The Demand

Our Products

  • GaitSmart : a portable CE marked Class 1M medical device
  • Vgym : Software
    • Uses musculoskeletal modelling & machine learning.
    • Provides personalised rehabilitation exercises.

Our studies and trials

Gait analysis with GaitSmart

Data-driven personalised rehabilitation with vGym

How to use GaitSmart

  1. Sensors are placed into pouches strapped around the subject’s hips, thighs and calves.
  2. We provide tablet software that guides the user through the calibration and test process.
  3. The subject walks 10-15 strides and the test is done!
  4. A report is provided on the tablet identifying problem areas and providing typical gait measurements.