Digital Endpoint measurement in clinical trials

Quick and accurate quantification of gait is invaluable within clinical settings to monitor, grade condition severity and test the efficacy of interventions, for example, when trialling new osteoarthiritis drugs.

The Problem

Assessing therapeutic interventions with qualitative data

Clinical trials to determine treatment efficiency for lower-limb problems often involve qualitative assessment of subject pain and function level. As results can notoriously vary based on patient mood or the user, often more patients must participate than would otherwise be necessary, to identify the signal amongst the noise.

The solution

Portable quantitative measurements with GaitSmart

GaitSmart offers a novel solution by enabling objective quantification of gait in a portable affordable manner - opening up a world of access to quantitative patient measurements in clinical trials involving mobility.

Our Studies and Trials

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GaitSmart and Frailty

In 2018 we completed a study HERE with North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT), trialling the use of GaitSmart as part of the rehabilitation of frail patients who had recently fallen.

Overall patient mobility greatly improved - crucially reducing patient reliance on walking aids.

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Osteoarthiritis staging with GaitSmart

As part of an exciting collaboration with APPROACH EU, correlation was recently demonstrated between GaitSmart parameters and stage of osteoarthritis - the implications of this are huge!
Read about the study HERE.


GaitSmart and quantifying function

A patient experiencing pain will not walk as well, making changes in gait the perfect surrogate marker.
We have databases drawn from ten years of experience that show gait changes correlate with pain and function.

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GaitSmart and Rehabilitation

As well as quantifying gait for staging and monitoring, we also offer personalised rehabilitation. Read about our clinical trial with Norfolk and Norwich Hospital providing rehabilitation HERE


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We are accurate

- validated & certified

GaitSmart's digital technology measures the movement of the calf, thigh, knee and hips in three dimensions with extraordinary accuracy (±0.1 deg) - validated at the National Physics Laboratory. Improvement of a few degrees can be detected across 17 different parameters. GaitSmart is also a CE Marked Class 1m Medical device.

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The full study with NPL can be found HERE.

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