Costs and Uses

GaitSmart offers a recognised economic solution to many problems in primary care

Crucially, GaitSmart can be used by any trained user – ensuring no additional specialist workload

Together this can unlock access to rehabilitation for millions of users

GaitSmart can address backlog in primary care

the vGym report

GaitSmart is a recognised solution

NICE guidelines identify a care pathway for people who fall, treatment for hip and knee osteoarthitis and rehabilitation following joint replacement


GaitSmart is cost effective


GaitSmart provides high capability at low cost

Compared to alternative gait monitoring methods, GaitSmart + vGym is highly capable yet relatively low cost.

GaitSmart and vGym in use

An example of how GaitSmart and vGym may be used - this protocol is currently in use with our clinical trial with joint-replacement patients at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Exercises are provided in the report using vGym. This is allowing patients access to rehabilitation that would not be provided in all cases.

Protocol for joint replacement rehabilitation with GaitSmart plus vGym.