The GaitSmart System

GaitSmart offers revolutionary new technology to monitor mobility - without the need for expensive and often impractical optical gait labs.
Clinical trials involving rating of mobility have relied heavily on qualitative patient feedback that can be notoriously unreliable.
GaitSmart provides a portable quantatative solution.

What is GaitSmart?

GaitSmart is a portable gait analysis system.

It consists of:

GaitSmart System

Is it accurate?

Studies with the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) confirm that our sensors are accurate to +/-0.1 degrees under biomechanical dynamic conditions. Our sensors compare excellently with reference sensors - Full Study HERE.

joint replacement

*Adapted from Heaps et al 2020

Is it safe?

Our GaitSmart Device is a fully certified medical device that has also been used in multiple NHS trials.

We also have over 10 years of experience using our sensors in research ranging from osteoarthiritis to optimal conditioning for football training.

How does GaitSmart work?

  • Wireless digital sensors
  • Hip to heel movement measured
  • Gait data is processed
  • 17 gait parameters are reported
  • Including range of motion and
    left-right symmetry
  • Results are compared to a
    database of known profiles
  • A report provides colour-coded scores
  • If using the “Virtual Gym” module:
    the report includes recommended
    exercises to improve scores

How long does it take?

A GaitSmart test can be completed in less than 10 mins

What data will I receive?

Click to view a sample report (without vGym exercises).


How is it used?

Solutions and Applications

Falls Prevention

Clinical Trials


GaitSmart Leaflet HERE

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