Our Research

Leaders in sensor development

Our company has a strong history of research and many years of experience. Our sensor system has been developed by scientists and rigorously tested over 10 years. Recently, we validated our sensor at the national physics laboratory and determined it is accurate to +/-0.1 degrees against under biomechanical dynamic conditions.

We have demonstrated that our six sensors provides results that are more precise and reproducible than single-sensor systems, which make estimations to account for the reduced input information. GaitSmart is a CE Marked Class 1m Medical device and the company satisfies all UK and EU manufacturing and quality control processes.

Trials and Studies

As a company we are actively involved in multiple trials and studies. We are currently part of the APPROACH project funded by the Innovate Medicines Initiative (IMI) programme, which aims to identify phenotypes for knee osteoarthritis (OA). There is an unmet need for non or minimal invasive techniques that add to the evaluation of this disease and GaitSmart is shown to offer additional information over existing non-invasive measurement for assessing OA.
The data from the 2 year longitudinal study with 284 GaitSmart tests has recently been published - showing how some GaitSmart parameter's correlate with the onset of osteoarhritis. The research was published in Dec 2020 in Rheumatology by lead author Dr Eefje M van Helvoort, available HERE.

We are also actively working on a Digital Health Project in the UK, supported by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF). Our novel solution provides personalised intervention using GaitSmart and vGym to patients who have recently undergone a hip or knee replacement at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NNUH). This clinical trial aims to improve the rehabilitation of hip and knee patients using via informed rehabilitation, gait analysis and clear visualisation of improvements via our GaitSmart report. The University of East Anglia (UEA) will demonstrate the economic benefit from the results of this study.


Our Publications

Our company strives for excellent research standards. Dr Diana Hodgins is a renowned expert in the field, having produced over 50 publications on solid state sensors and medical applications. The sensors used in our products have been developed, tested and used in studies for over ten years.

Our most recent publication discusses the role of digital gait analysis during the rehabilitation of falls patients, part of an NHS clinical trial. Read more below:



We have databases of profiles for many hundreds of subjects, covering a variety of conditions such as the elderly, patients with knee osteoarthritis and hip and knee replacement patients.

These databases could act as a comparator group for a variety of purposes, such as acting as a synthetic control group in a clinical trial.

If you are interested in exploring this possibility - please get in touch.