Case Studies

The following cases are real-life examples of typical scenarios where a client would otherwise receive no quantitative feedback and little physiotherapy.

Case Study 1


Mrs X requested a non-scheduled consultant appointment and was advised that the problem was muscle pain and no further treatment was required.
Mrs X came to an open GaitSmart clinic (using GaitSmart 1) where initial test results identified the problem to be lack of hip motion as shown by the red markings.

Test – Explanation

Blue line =left leg.
Green line =right leg.
Green values and 100% = no areas of concern.
Amber = caution.
Red= take action.
Coloured borders = bordeline values.
Negative values = less movement on the left than the right.
Positive values = less movement on the right than the left.

First test results



Mrs X was given some simple exercises and monitored every 2 months.


The final test 8 months later shows great improvement with no red markings.

Best of all, Mrs. X now walks without pain and has stopped pain medication.

Final test results


Case Study 2


Female age 70- right hip replaced July 2020, late stage osteoarthritis in left hip.
Prior to GaitSmart, client was provided with general exercises and some physiotherapy.


The client carried out 3 tests using GaitSmart 2 with vGym - meaning they received personalised rehabilation exercises after each test.

4 Months Post Op


Left and right hips with restricted movement, right better than left. Slow stride time, and slightly below normal calf movement on both sides. This results in a slow walking speed of 0.65 m/s with below normal stability.

6 Months Post Op


Right hip functioning normally and left hip increased, but still of concern. Stride time still outside normal limits. Left and right calf movement back to normal. This resulted in a faster speed of 0.77 m/s, more stable but asymmetric gait, due to the arthritic hip.

13 Months Post Op


Right hip maintained normal movement. The left hip range has increased further, but still below normal. The stride time is within normal limits. Speed has increased from 0.65 to 1.1 m/s which is a normal walking speed. Ideal preparation for left hip replacement.

Summary from client:

"I was introduced to GaitSmart and started attending sessions in November and continued through until August. The regular monitoring along with prescribed exercises have helped enormously. My walking improved on a month-on-month basis, starting at 57% and improving to 86% on the GaitSmart Score."

"I would highly recommend GaitSmart to anyone having similar issues with walking."